About the Artist

Michael is an artist from the Philadelphia, PA area who understands drawing as a medium unto itself. Working exclusively with pastel on paper, he uses 2-dimensional graphic shapes as subject matter to explore ideas of gesture, motion, and cause & effect. His shapes are intentionally flat, but malleable; minimal, but full. Sometimes they're observed, and sometimes they're invented. Either way, it's their uncoordinated ability to expand, stretch, slouch, or bend that interests Michael the most. 

Michael's work has been featured in recent contemporary drawing exhibitions, including:

  • “Drawing Resurfaced II” at Purdue University Galleries
  • “The Great Lakes Drawing Biennial” at Eastern Michigan University School of Art & Design
  • “Drawn 4th and 5th Annual International Exhibition of Contemporary Drawing" at Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center

This summer, his work is scheduled to appear in:

  • Manifest Gallery's 12th International Drawing Annual exhibtion-in-print INDA 12 
  • 55th Annual Juried Exhibition at the Masur Museum of Art in Monroe, LA.  
  • Reflection at the M.A.C. Gallery in Media, PA
  • Small Works at Harper College, Palatine, IL

Michael teaches Drawing at Arcadia University where he is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Visual & Performing Arts.